Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Finishing Off Unwanted Products

Happy Sunday all!

I hate when I buy a product (shampoo, makeup, etc) and it ends up being not so great, after I've spent all this money on it.  And we all know how hard it can be to take things like that back for a refund.  Also, when you go to the store and forget that one thing, like deodorant or toothpaste.  I could just kick myself when I do this, especially when it's actually ON the list (don't judge me..)!  And it's not just the wasted money aspect, it's the wasted product. I always feel bad throwing things out when we're talking a half full, or more, bottle of shampoo.  So, this week's post is going to have a few tips on how you can find alternate uses for those leftover products, or what to do in a pinch when you forgot to buy something!

    • If you have a bottle of conditioner that just isn't working for your hair, but you don't want to just toss it, use it to shave your legs.  I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. It's conditioning, so it's no worse for skin than a regular, mass produced shave gel.  Probably better, actually.
  • SOAP
    • Ya know how you get down to that last little bit of bar soap, and it's so slippery, etc it becomes hard to use?  Alot of times we just end up letting it dissolve and go down the drain, but that's wasteful.  And in this economy, I think we're all watching our pennies!  One way to still get some use out of them is to take those leftover "scraps" of the bar soap, pour some boiling water over, and make liquid soap!  This does work; I've done it.  You could even do this with an entire bar of soap that you've never gotten around to using. Just stir constantly, watching the consistency.
    • Do a 50/50 mix with your current shampoo or a shampoo you like.  (You could even do 60/40.)  This way, you're using the product, but by mixing it with something you like, you're diminishing the affects you didn't like from the bad shampoo that caused you not to use it in the first place.
    • We've all done it.  You're to the point that you practically have to put the tube in a vice to get anything out, when it happens.  It's gone and you haven't gone to the store.  Here's an effective alternative: Baking soda.  Wet your toothbrush, get alittle of the baking soda on the bristles, and go for it. Baking soda will help to clean your teeth in a natural way.  It won't taste great, but you can also add abit of Scope or other mouthwash if you have it to the toothbrush to "flavor" the baking soda.  
    • This is actually a two-prong tip!  If you're down to that last bit at the bottom of the bottle and you can't quite get it out, add a bit of water to the bottle, and shake.  This will loosen up the lotion at the bottom of the bottle so you can use it up.  
    • If you're just out of lotion, you can take alittle body oil, massage oil, or even a tiny amount of olive oil, and use this instead.  It's actually really good for your skin, especially when you first get out of the shower and your pores are still open.
    • If you're out of your usual depuffing serum or gel for those lovely dark circles, here's an alternative that works almost as well as many over-the-counter solutions.  Keep a bottle of aloe in the refrigerator.  Put a small amount on a Q-tip and apply lightly to the undereye area. 
Most of these are things I wouldn't do every day, but if you're at the last bit of a product, or you need something to get you through a day or two, these are some ideas to try out!

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  1. Very cool post. I am trying the conditioner thing. I have had a bottle of conditioner in my shower forever. I don't like it, but I couldn't just throw it out. Thanks for sharing!