About Me

I strive to live a balanced, holistic life, turning to nature to help heal my mind, body and soul whenever possible!

Aromatherapy & natural skin care is such an important part of my life. I've found it to be useful for everything from physical pain to stress to fighting acne. I've been working with essential oils and botanicals for over 10 years, and have learned how to best use them, how to blend them perfectly, and how to get the most from them. My inspiration comes from being a lover of nature, art, and everything natural and handmade, and from an actual need (I have extremely sensitive skin.) I'm a believer that nature provides everything you need, so why make it in a lab?

I love what I do, and really enjoy the opportunity to bring my creations and blends to others. I take pride and care in each & every handmade product that I send out to my clients.

All of my products are made with ingredients that come straight from nature, using containers that are Earth-friendly, as well as eco-friendly, recycled/recyclable packaging. I don’t believe beauty should be a sacrifice in health.

Sustainable, organic, natural. Peace, Love, & Balance :)

RedSunflower Designs