How to get Kissable Lips

Happy Sunday all!

Sorry for my absence last week; it was a holiday for me, and I decided at the last minute to take the day completely off. I hope you've all had a wonderful couple of weeks. 

Maybe it's because I'm leaving on vacation soon, but I feel like my brain may have left already, so I wanted to share something light with everyone today: a DIY Lip Scrub that you can easily make with things most everyone already has in their kitchen.  Here's what you'll need: 

  • 1-2 tbsp brown sugar
  • olive oil (start with about 1/2 - 1 tbsp; you won't need much)
  • a touch of honey
  • a small bowl
  • vanilla
Start by adding the sugar to the bowl, then the olive oil.  Again, start out with a small amount; you can always add later. You're trying to get a standard scrub consistency, but leave alittle for the honey.  Once you have the oil and sugar mixed together, add in the honey.  Honey is an amazing humectant (helps your skin to retain moisture), which all lips really need.  We tend to think our lips won't get as chapped and damaged in the summer, but the sun can be just as harsh as cold temperatures and wind.  Once you have the sugar, honey, and oils mixed to a good consistency, you can add a small amount (think about 3 drops) if you'd like, or my fav: vanilla bean (you could also use a tiny touch of an organic vanilla extract if you prefer.  I always have vanilla beans in my cubard, so I like to squeeze alittle of the fresh vanilla into the scrub; this just gives it a nice "comfort food" feel.  

Once you're ready, rub abit on your lips, rubbing your lips together, etc for maybe 30 seconds (less if your lips are in rough shape).  Rinse off and PAT dry your lips, if anything (you don't want to scrub them dry because this drastically reduces the moisture they retain).  Follow with  a lip balm. You should now have beautiful, kissable lips! This probably will make enough for 2 or 3 uses, if you keep the remaining mixture in the refrigerator and use quickly.  

Now, go kiss somebody ;)!

PS - If you have things you really like to add, let us know!


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