Treat Migraines Naturally

As a longtime sufferer of migraines, I can sympathize with the excruciating pain, the hours lost, and the constant search to find a better treatment than expensive pills.  As I've turned to a more holistic, nature-based lifestyle, I have fewer and fewer migraines, so I wanted to share with you what I've found to be effective. 

Many doctors agree that aromatherapy, if used properly, can be an excellent complementary therapy for the migraine sufferer. Aromatherapy may not completely eliminate your migraine headaches, but can help reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.  Aromatherapy is a natural healing alternative that uses plant-derived essential oils to achieve a desired therapeutic effect. 

One of the best ways to utilize aromatherapy for migraines is in an aromatherapy diffuser and inhaled two or three times daily. The oils may be added to a large bowl of hot water and the aroma inhaled with the eyes closed. While the essential oils can also be added to carrier bath, face, or massage oils and applied to the body or bath, this should only be done after consulting with a knowledgeable aromatherapist.

Some of the best essential oils for migraine aromatherapy are lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, rosemary, eucalyptus, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, basil, marjoram, & chamomile.  You can also find pre-formulated blends to use that help with a variety of symptoms.
Some safety precautions to keep in mind:
* Speak to an experienced aromatherapist, if possible.
* Watch for adverse reactions, especially if combining aromatherapy with traditional therapies and medications. Be sure to report them to a doctor immediately if they occur.
* Buy 100% pure, plant-derived essential oils designed for aromatherapy. The better products will be sold in dark containers and stored away from direct sunlight.
* Use a carrier oil or aromatherapy diffuser. Essential oils can be powerful irritants and you should exercise caution when applying them directly to the skin.

What are your best techniques for eliminating migraines? Please share. 


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