What Essential Oils Help with Stress?

Stress is something that most all of us experience on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.  Luckily, there is a 100% natural solution to help with stress: essential oils & aromatherapy.  

Stress is extremely unhealthy, leading to things such as: heart disease, hypertension, obesity, anxiety, depression, and withdrawal.  Unfortunately, we can only control so much of the stress in our lives.  I know most reading this blog are interested in leading a more holistic, nature-based lifestyle, which is why I wanted to write about using aromatherapy to help with your stress.  The holidays are coming up, after all, and for many, this is THE most stressful time of the year. 

If you're looking for a way to treat stress, and a healthy way to do it, then you will want to read this article. You will learn ways to use aromatherapy to treat stress, which oils you'll want to try and the upsides and downsides of using aromatherapy. After reading this article, you should be able to start treating your stress with aromatherapy.

Three of the most popular ways to use aromatherapy to treat stress are: 1) in a bath, 2) as an inhalation, or 3) apply it directly to your skin.  Bathing a very gentle, relaxing way to benefit from essential oils.  It's thought that a major reason why women find bathing to be so relaxing is because it mimics being in the womb.  Inhaling an aroma is the easiest option, as we you can do it anywhere, without bothering anyone or taking much time.  There are multiple ways to use this as an inhalation: in an atomizer, blended with potpourri, or simply placing the uncapped bottle under your nose while closing your eyes and inhaling deeply. Do this for 3-5 breaths, and you should be feeling more calm and focused within a couple of minutes.  Topical application is ideal for when you need the aroma to be more concentrated and also if you need the aroma to help you sleep. 

But which essential oils should you use?
Lemon or lavender oil are idea for inhalations.  Lavender has long been considered useful to calm emotions and anxiety & help in sleeping, and lemon is perfect for lifting your mood.  Lavender oil can be used as an inhalation, in your bath, or applied topically; it's really considered to be the best all around oil, as it's one of the only oils that can be applied neat (read: undiluted) to even the most sensitive skin. 

Grapefruit is another great mood lifter.  If you don't like the floral aroma of lavender, sandalwood is another very calming oil. 

Other oils which are helpful are: bergamot (uplifting), chamomile (calming), clove (grounding), patchouli (often called the "happy oil"), and ylang ylang (uplifting).

Most importantly, essential oils can be toxic to animals, so keep your oils out of reach and far away from your pets. 

Now you should have a good idea how to use essential aromatherapy oils for stress. You can pick the best way to use an essential oil, which oils to use and how to use them. Now all you need to do is purchase the oil you want to try first, decide the best way to apply it and enjoy the benefits!  For premixed oil blends formulated specifically to help with stress, please click here!

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