Natural Beauty: Beer for Hair Repair

We've all heard that beer is great for your hair.  This is one that fairly common knowledge, but I wanted to discuss today the "why" behind it.

Beer is a great source of Vitamin B for your hair due to the malt and hops, which are said to boost volume.  Also, it's a wondeful aid to repair hair that has been damaged by chemical processing, sun, chlorine, pollution, smoke, etc. Washing your hair in beer coats it with the natural ingredients used in beer that will help to nourish your hair. On top of all that, beer contains lots of natural sugars; this helps to boost shine by tightening the cuticles.

The type of beer you use is therefore very important to the effect you get. 

It is recommend that you use traditionally brewed beer or ale over wheat beers & commercial beer, as traditional brewing practices don't break down the hops and negates the amount of chemicals big branded beers usually have in them.  You should be particularly careful using chemicals in your hair, as the scalp is very porous and allows things into and out of the body easily. 

It is completely safe to pour a can of beer over your head, though I recommend you put it into a safe container before you take it into the bathroom.  Also, allowing it to go flat before use helps as well to minimize froth.  

The general method for washing your hair with beer is: shampoo/rinse/beer/rinse/condition/cool rinse (this will minimize the beer smell but maintain the benefits).  A cool rinse also helps close the pores, allowing your body to keep more of the benefits of this practice!  

Do you have any experience shampooing with beer? Brands you would recommend or not?  Please share with us below :)
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