What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy?

I've been thinking about this alot recently.. What makes me smile, for no real reason other than I enjoy what I'm doing?  I think this is something we should all think about, so you know the direction you want your life to go in. 

Here's a list of things that make me happy, and why:
  • Mornings.  I'm a morning person (I know, I can hear the groaning now.)  And I'm not just a morning person, I'm REALLY cheery at 5.30AM.  There's a stillness in the morning, a quiet that you really can't find at any other time of day.  It's my hour or so of reprieve, my personal time with the world before everyone is up and starting their day.  I guess  you could say it's a ritual for me. 
  • The first cup of coffee in the morning.  There's just something about that first cup.  It can brighten your day, help you decompress after a long day's work, focus on the work you have to do... And I don't just enjoy it for the caffeine; although I don't really understand the concept of decaf, to be perfectly honest.  I'm rather cold-natured, so a nice cup of coffee can really help me to get into a better frame of mind. 
  • The beach.  The sand, the surf, the birds...  It's my favorite place in the world.  It's so soothing, and really reminds me of my connection to nature and the Universe. 
  • Puppies.  Now, I know this is alittle cliché; who doesn't like puppies, right?  Even if you're having the worst day in recent memory, playing with a puppy, or even seeing them, is an instant mood lifter for me.  I think it's something about the fact that they seem to just "know", ya know?  
  • Sun. Glorious sun (something we don't always have much of in Seattle)!  It's the local joke that summer doesn't actually start until after July 4th, which is usually accurate.
  • Laughing 'til it hurts.  I'm a big believer that laughter is one of those things that can just make a really bad day so much better so fast.  How can you be mad/sad when you're laughing? Try it, I dare you. 
But enough about me.  What makes you happy?  Please comment below :)

Namaste -

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