Aromatherapy & the Sacral Chakra

Aromatherapy is a huge part of my life, as well as keeping my chakras balanced and aligned.  I'm moving up the chakra chain today, so to speak.

The sacral chakra is associate with the color orange & the element of Water,.  This chakra is located in the pelvis or pelvic bowl, and is physiologically linked to your reproductive organs, bladder, colon, kidneys, sacrum, and all bodily fluids.  
Given it's ties to the reproductive organs, this chakra is largely considered to be your body's center of creation, and is said to be the seat of a woman's power, as this is where the womb is located.  Because this is such an important part of a woman's body, women normally tend to carry any excess fat in this area; this is your body's way of trying to protect it's most important asset (biologically speaking).  With this said, it's not only about physical creation and the literal creation of life, but also of art, music, and many other pursuits.  

When we have a tendency to want to control situations, we are holding control issues within our sacral chakra.  When this chakra is weak and unbalanced, we tend to give in to or hand over control to others too often and become disempowered and fearful.  This can lead to prostate problems, PMS, menstrual problems, and a low libido (sex drive), eating disorders, addiction, depression, & yeast infections,  Some signs of sacral imbalance are: lower back pain, sciatica, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 

Imbalance in the sacral chakra can also lead to low self-esteem and internal power struggles.  If you experienced a lack of nurturing in your teenage years, you may have a larger need to balance and align this chakra, as this lack of affection can lead to negativity about yourself as well as struggles with sexuality. 

When the sacral chakra is balanced and healthy, you'll be more open to loving relationships, more trusting of others and yourself, and will emit higher vibrations to others.

Since we're currently in Spring, this is the best time to really connect to this chakra and the energy it provides.  Within aromatherapy, the following essential oils are recommended to help balance and align the sacral chakra: 
  • Lavender to reduce irritability
  • Clary sage, elemi, fennel, jasmine, neroli, & ylang ylang to help with any menstrual problems
  • Pepper, cinnamon, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, and ylang ylang to help with the libido/as an aphrodisiac
  • Basil, calendula, chamomile, peppermint, and eucalyptus help with lower back pain
  • Jasmine, frankincense, lavender, and sandalwood help with self-esteem issues & to be more open to love & trust issues
If you have any questions about the sacral chakra, please leave a comment below, and be happy to help out.  If you're looking to balance and align this chakra, click here.

Namaste -

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