New Year, New Goals

I've been on a rather long hiatus from the blog since the beginning of the year, and I intend to be much more regular, posting at least once a week going forward.  Blogging is one of those things that, when done for business purposes, can begin to feel like another thing that needs to be accomplished.  This generally means that it will start to read like that as well, and that's not what I want this to be.  I want this to be a place where I can interact and discuss with my clients, and hopefully pass along some information along the way.  I don't want it to become boring for you to read or for me to write.  To that end, I've created a "blogging plan" of sorts.  I've listed out all the things that I definitely want to write about, such as the benefits of certain ingredients in natural skin care, to be filled in with trends in the industry, new product launches, and some motivational posts as well.  

I think the best kind of blog to have, for business or otherwise, is one that is informational and that people want to read, which means it needs to have a human component.  So going forward, my blog will also have posts about my life as a business owner, and just my life in general.  

I hope everyone will enjoy the new, more varied format, and more frequent posts.  

Namaste :)

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