New Product Offerings: Out with the Old, In with the New

I love Spring.  It's when life starts coming back into the world after the long, cold winter, and new beginnings abound.  A minimalist at heart, this is the time of year I start taking stock of what does and doesn't serve, and thinking about the direction I want things to go in for the year to come.  

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I posted a note at the end of last week, advising of some items that I planned to discontinue, and some new items I'll be launching.  I generally assume with things like this that if no one says "WHOA! Don't do it!", then I'm in the clear.  Well, I've just gone through and done some Spring cleaning of both my Etsy site and my newly launched website, and removed the following products: 
  • Mango Hair & Body Balm
  • Bliss Bath Soak
  • Della Dolce Vita Body Scrub
  • Muse Bath Soak
  • Island Orchard Body Scrub
  • Practical Magic Lip Balms
  • Cuticle Cream (if this goes it is being replaced by a Cuticle oil... thoughts?)
  • certain scents from the Men's line: Cucumber, Almond
  • Magickal Meanderings elemental line

I try to be sure I only remove or change things that are not big sellers.  Now, on to what is coming in the next month: 
  • Scented shea butters.  The scents I have planned so far are: Tahitian Goddess, Coconut Lime, Island Vanilla, Rose, Chia, and Citrus Medley. 
  • A "mommy and me" line.  This will consist of Belly Butter for expecting moms, Nipple Cream (totally safe for baby), all natural Baby Powder, Diaper Rash/Bum Cream for baby, and an all-natural room & linen spray.
  • A Chakra line.  This will be oils that you can wear to align your chakras, during meditations, etc.
  • New line of botanical perfumes/colognes (still in development).

I hope everyone will find the new products interesting, and won't be upset about those that are now discontinued.  


RedSunflower Designs

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