Top Books for Working with Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

This week, I'm going to recommend a few resources for working with essential oils, for those that are interested in incorporating them into your everyday life. 

I haven't written a blog entry for a couple of weeks.  True, I've been busy, but more than that, I felt like I didn't have anything really new and important to write about.  I've done so many DIY recipes for homemade skincare in the last month, I wanted something different.   So I thought this would be a nice, fresh idea to get everyone back in the groove!

I have read & owned many books on essential oils, aromatherapy, using them for your home, etc.  But there are two books that I recommend above all others.  I've rarely found anything with information that isn't contained in these.  If you're looking to get a solid foundation and understanding of essential oils and aromatherapy, these are the two books you want to focus on.

I LOVE this little book.  It's small enough to carry in your purse if you want to take this with you on a long trip, or for reading on the bus!  In this book, Susan & Valerie Ann Worwood go through the basics of what aromatherapy is, the methods of application for the oils, and what oils are useful for what.  It also notes how not to use the oils, which is very important, as some oils shouldn't be used on some people (namely children, pregnant women, etc).  I really can't recommend this book enough!

The first book I ever bought on aromatherapy and essential oils, I still consider this book my Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Bible!  This book is LOADED with great information!  She not only gives you the basics, like the various methods by which essential oils are extracted, but also oils and blends to use for the home, the office, physical ailments, stress & other emotional issues, hair care... the list goes on.  I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in starting out in aromatherapy!

I hope everyone finds this helpful!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free.  Have a naturally fabulous week ;)!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I've done research on EOs and aromatherapy here and there; it will be nice to have go-to books for my research.

  2. @scentualsoundtracks Yes, these are my favs. Sorry for the late reply :)