FALL SERIES: Apple Body Scrub

Happy Sunday all!

In keeping with the Autumn theme, today we're working with apples!  You can read more about the skin benefits of apple here.  So, let's get on with the recipe for an Apple Body Scrub!

You'll need:
  • a fresh apple
  • salt (preferably himalayan pink salts or dead sea salts)
  • OR sugar
  • oils (jojoba, coconut, grapeseed; whatever your preference is)
  • shea or cocoa butter (if you have it, if not don't worry about it)
  • OPTIONAL: a pinch of cinnamon and/or clove powder
Peel the apple (or not, really doesn't matter too much), and crush the apple until you have what is basically a thick applesauce.  Combine the apple, the salt and/or sugar the shea or cocoa butter (if using) and the oils.  Start with roughly equal parts apple and sugar/salt, add about 1 tbsp of the butter, then add oils 1 tbsp at a time, until you reach the desired consistency.  If you choose to use the cinnamon, you can add that now. Voila! You have a completely natural body scrub.  This should keep in the refrigerator for probably a week or so. 

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I hope you've enjoyed the recipe, and let me know your thoughts on how you're liking this series.

Peace, Love, and Natural Blessings -


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