Getting Back to Business

RedSunflower Designs is officially back open for business!  My Etsy shop is open again, and you'll notice many of the changes I mentioned at the end of 2011.  The main products that remain are the body butters, lotions, perfumes, face masks, and milk baths.  Other products such as bath salts and lip balms will be available as limited editions going forward, perhaps a couple of times each year.  

I had promised that I would let you guys know about new products that would be coming, and this is still something I want to do.  However, whenever I post a new product announcement in advance, my creations seem to come to life in other shops.  Unfortunately, I've not found a way around this yet.  So for the moment, all I can say is that there will be new products coming that will actually give more variety in my shop than I've had in the past, and that they will be announced as soon as I am able to get the items posted.  These won't come up all at once, but over the course of the next two months.

Also, I've had a few people ask why all the changes, and I think this is a fair question that deserves a more thorough answer than I've given thus far.  The short and sweet answer is that it was just time for a change.  But what follows is the longer answer. 

Every year, I review all of my product offerings.  What is selling? What isn't?  What do people seem to enjoy? Are there products I need to reformulate? Do some products cost to much to make? These are all pretty standard things most business owners consider when looking at changes to a product line.  But this year there was also another question I needed to consider:  What do I enjoy making?  And this weighed heavily into my decisions.  While I love what I do, I noticed that when I was making certain products, it had become more of an obligation than a joyful experience.  And I don't want to make products that way, or ask someone to buy a product made that way.  So I refined it down to the items I love to make and that my customers seem to enjoy.  I'll also be adding items I have been wanting to include for a long time, but just haven't had the chance to do so.  

I'm really excited about this rebirth of RedSunflower Designs, and am committed to making it better than ever.  I look forward to you joining me for the adventure!

Namaste - 


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