RedSunflower Designs in 2012

As 2011 draws quickly to a close, I always try to use these last few weeks of the year to reflect on on the year gone by.  How were sales? What could I do to improve my products and customer service, and my offerings?  What, if anything, should go?

Due to running out of a few key supplies earlier than expected and suppliers being back-ordered, I had to go ahead and close my shop early for the holidays this year.  While I didn't want to, I knew that by the time the orders were placed, supplies shipped to me, and I was able to make orders and ship to my customers, it would be right up to the last minute on the holidays, and I didn't want to risk anyone's order not getting to them in time.  But I'm taking this time to really reflect and deeply analyze what I want to do with RedSunflower Designs looking forward to 2012 and beyond. 

I've been taking thorough inventory of what I do and don't have in the way of supplies, and looking at the sales info for the shop.  This has allowed me to really step back and take a look at the year as a bigger picture.  Because of this, I've found some products that just don't sell, or at least not at a sustainable rate.  When the shop opens back up on January 2, 2012, you'll notice some products are no longer being offered:
  • The Magickal Meanderings line is gone. 
  • The facial care line is also gone.  (Please note, if you are a current customer, I will still make the Cream Cleanser, Oil-Free Moisturizer, and a Lightweight Cream Cleanser upon request.  These will be custom orders.)
  • The Chakra line is gone. 
  • Bath teas & the Herbal Facial Steam are no longer available.
  • The Moss scent in the men's line is no longer available.
  • I've really refined the scent options available for oils, butters, lotions and the like.  (Please know this isn't a reduction, but a refining.  There will be LOTS of new and fabulous scents coming; more on this later.)
  • The Men's Aftershave & Shave Gel are being completely reformulated!  The aftershave will no longer be a gel, rather a tonic, and the shave gel will now be a shave cream.
  • All shave creams will now come in a 4oz jar rather than the 4oz bottle.  It seems some people have had problems with the shave cream getting through the pumps because it is so creamy & rich, so I'm going back to the jars, for those who remember.
  • Lip balms will no longer be a regular feature, but more of a special. 
With all this, there will be room for new and improved products!  I'm not quite ready to release the details yet, but it will include expanding my healing line, more men's products, soaps, and tons of things I've had in R&D for months and will finally be able to release. I'll keep you posted!
In the meantime, have a wonderful week, and Happy Holidays!!!

Namaste - 


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