DIY Cleaners: Nature's Pledge

I love having the wood furniture in my house be clean and smelling great.  And as much as I love the job that Pledge does and the scent left behind, I'm left wondering what chemicals I've put into the air in my home for me and my family to breath in.  So, I created what I call my "faux Pledge"!

Here's what you'll need:
  • 1 part Murphy's Oil Soap
  • 1.5 parts distilled water
  • 5-7 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 20 drops cedar essential oil
  • spray bottle
Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake to combine.

TO USE: Just spray onto furniture and polish with a clean rag. Done!

TIP: If you're just really in love with that traditional Pledge scent, skip the cedar and orange oils and use lemon essential oil instead (no more than 20 drops total).

Be sure to check back frequently, as I'll be posting more recipes for DIY natural cleaners throughout the year. See you soon!

Namaste -



  1. This is the best!!! I love Pledge but really wanted to get away from it and go towards something more natural..and even better, something I can make. You're the best for this recipe!!!


  2. Sorry it's taken me almost a month to respond to you. For some reason, it's not telling me when I get comments; gotta love technology huh? I'm glad you enjoyed it, and you're very welcome :) Happy Holidays!