DIY Natural Cleaners: An Intro

Sorry I've been away from this blog for so long. At the beginning of September, I moved across the country, from Seattle back to the East Coast.  It's a decision I'm very happy about and and finally getting settled enough to recommit to blogging more regularly.  But enough about that; let's get to the good stuff!

At a time when the economy is still a concern, and we're trying to be more eco-friendly, one area many people ignore is in our cleaners.  Many people who want to just don't know where to start.  Well, I'm here to help you figure that out!

First, let's go over some of the reasons you should consider making your own natural cleaners, from basic ingredients you likely already have in your home:
  1. Show that piggy bank some love.  Making your own cleaners at home can be done for pennies on the dollar.  We all know how expensive cleaning supplies can be, and why not go ahead and save that money to buy a new pair of shoes? 
  2. 'Cause time is money, honey.  You'll be saving TONS of time by making your own cleaners.  Time spent searching for coupons to save you the money, time spent going to and from the store for ONE bottle of cleaner (because, let's be honest, you never run out of all at the same time), time spent searching the shelves for your brand when they move them every other week, etc.
  3. Declutter.  You really don't need 10 different cleaners to get everything done, and it just takes up room that so many of us don't have, especially as we're all downsizing.
  4. Put your health first.  You're breathing in chemicals as you lean over the shower or scrub that sink.  Many have been shown to cause health problems, and you have to be abit careful sometimes as to which of those you use together to avoid total catastrophe.
  5. Be a tree hugger.  Regardless of whether we readily see the effects or not, these chemicals get washed down our drains, thrown into landfills, and destroy our environment.  This is a simple step you can take to help Mamma Earth!
Hopefully, I've given you a bit of think about in regards to why you should consider going to natural cleaners in your home.  Be sure to check back, because my next post will go over some of the basics you need in your arsenal to begin making these yourself.  See you there!

Namaste -


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