Benefit of Aromatherapy Candles

Candles are one of my absolute favorite things.  Combine candles and aromatherapy? I'm in heaven!

There are alot of different situations where aromatherapy is beneficial: creating a warm and inviting mood, relieving a headache, relaxation, seduction, the list goes on and on.  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and other natural substances to improve health and influence mood, and aromatherapy soy candles are one of the most commonly used means of diffusing these substances. Through candles, you can breathe in the oils as you relax. As you breathe them in, they can travel through your bloodstream to your brain and work their benefits in your system.  The essential oils used in aromatherapy have been recognized for centuries as having qualities that enhance the body's natural healing powers and stimulate its energy centers. There are over 100 essential oils in common use and each has its own specific properties. Candles therefore are seen by many people as the most effective & accessible instruments for aromatherapy.

From a holistic perspective, I recommend using only soy candles scented with 100% pure essential oils.  Why do I say this?  
Essential oils differ from fragrance oils in a major way: essential oils come completely from nature, whereas fragrance oils are a blend of chemicals made in a lab.  There have been no studies showing that these fragrance oils are harmful to breathe in; however, fragrance oils have no healing properties, whereas essential oils do.  

One of the major benefits of soy candles is that they are clean burning without the toxins and soot produced by paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is, in fact, a by-product of petroleum, so it has all the same harmful effects as petroleum. If burned long enough its carbon emissions can blacken walls and ceilings, and, in addition it can pump carcinogens into the atmosphere.  Soy, however, is a renewable resource and completely biodegradable. Soy candles are longer and slower burning than other types of candle, owing to the fact that they have spiraled cotton wicks which ensure an even burn. As well as making them cost less, because they last longer, this also means that the cooler burn intensifies the effects from the essential oils. 

There are many different retail locations to buy these candles, both in your local area and online.  I highly recommend checking out Etsy shops for this.  Also, (here comes the shameless plug) in the next month, I will begin offering a small line of aromatherapy soy candles made with only 100% pure essential oils, and will be making another blog post once these become available. 
What are your favorite companies for aromatherapy candles?  Please share. 

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