Natural Beauty: Breakin' It Down (By Ingredient)

Natural beauty is better for you, better for the planet, and better for your wallet.  For centuries, women all around the world have learned how to use things in nature on their hair, nails, and body.  I really want to bring back some of that knowledge, the beauty of simplicity.

With only a couple of posts left regarding aromatherapy & the chakras, I've been thinking about what I wanted my next "mini series" to be.   I've decided to do a series of posts regarding natural beauty, easy DIY things you can make with the items you likely already have at home, and posts discussing the most popular ingredients I use in my products.

I've been contemplating doing this series of posts for awhile, and I've just decided to go forth with it.  Beginning this week, you'll start seeing posts about these topics.  I'll also be finishing up the aromatherapy/chakra posts over the coming weeks.  Be sure to check back, or subscribe so that you know when new posts appear.  Invite your friends who would be interested in these topics as well!

One last note (sorry to piggyback onto this post, but meh): I'm looking for other blogs/sites who have buttons that I can grab to put on this site.  They need to be in keeping with living naturally, natural beauty, aromatherapy ... you see where this is going.  So if you would like for me to consider yours, or recommend one, drop me a note :)

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