Aromatherapy & Balancing Your Chakras

Many people have heard of chakras, and you may even have an in-depth knowledge of what chakras are.  I've recently launched a line of Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Oil Blends, and I'll be posting a blog each week, talking about each of the chakras, what they do, ways to keep them balanced, etc.  

But today, I want to do an intro, so to speak.  

Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit, is the term used for a nerve bundle in certain locations throughout the body.  It is also thought to be energy centers running throughout the body.  While this has been known in Hinduism and many Eastern cultures for hundreds or thousands of years, this is now being recognized in Western medicine.  The first writings regarding chakras go back to approximately 1000 B.C., and are strongly based in Hinduism.  There are 7 primary chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, & Crown), and 21 lesser chakras.  Each chakra is thought to resemble a colored wheel, that is constantly spinning clockwise, when balanced.  

Now that you know what chakras are, let's move on to how aromatherapy can help you keep them balanced.

From a holistic viewpoint, we as humans are not only a physical body.  We contain many energy fields, which is where the chakras come in.  In aromatherapy, essential oils have a vibrational quality.  They also have energetic frequencies just as we do.  It is on this energy frequency that the oils first attract us, long before we sense the aroma or it enters our limbic system.  
By introducing an essential oil into the energetic field, your aura's will automatically begin to attune
to the frequency of that oil or oil blend.

Next week, we'll go over the root chakra and keeping it balanced.  Have a great weekend!

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