Another Year of RedSunflower Designs!

For the past month, I've been contemplating all the changes and improvements I want to make with RedSunflower Designs in 2011.  And since I'm going to be out of town for the next two weeks (read: no new blog posts until January) I wanted to share my plans with all of you!

  • There are several new blends coming, particularly for the botanical perfumes and colognes.  I'm also planning to focus on adding a few more scents for the guys!
  • I am bringing back soaps around mid- to late January.  I really want to grow this part of my business this year, so I'm in the process of developing improved formulas for my base recipe an scent blends.  
  • More bath bomb options.  I'm going to add in some nice shapes, etc, and develop this a bit more. 
  • I'm doing a slight rework to the formula for my Oatmeal Mint Shave Cream.  The current formula is great, but having it in a jar that you are putting wet hands into could possibly cause mold in the jar.  And I want everyone to be able to use all of their product.  So, I'm going to formulate it to be just abit thinner, so that I can package it in a 4oz glass jar with a pump top instead.  This is being done to ensure hygiene and ensure you're able to use your product up until the last little bit in the bottle!
  • You've probably noticed I offered Gift Sets this holiday season.  As they have been so popular, I'm going to make a couple of Gift Sets additions to the permanent collection!  This will include at least one sample set, if you'd like to introduce a friend or family member to the line. 
  • I'm making the option to ship in Medium Flat Rate boxes a permanent staple.  If I can fit it in, it ships!  It's normally about $10-$11 for this option, and can save you money. 
  • I'm going to slowly add a few baby products to my line, such as a diaper rash cream. So for all those who have been looking for this option, I'm thinking around February or March. 
  • Also, I'm going to be adding an Oil Free Moisturizer to my facial care line.  I realize some people's skin can't take extra oil, or they just don't like the heavy feeling of moisturizer, prefering something very light.  This addition will likely come around mid-February. 
I hope you'll all be happy about these changes.  Also, if there are other things you'd like to see, please leave a comment and I'll look at working it into my list :)!  
Have a fabulous New Year everyone!


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