Why Is The Sun My Happy Pill?

Happy Sunday everybody!!!  

So this week I want to diverge from my usual topics abit, both to keep things fresh and because this is something that's been on my mind alot in the last couple of weeks.  Why is it that my mood is SO much better when there's sun??  Here in the Pacific Northwest, sun has been a luxury so far this season.

We all know that we need vitamin D;  there is very little vitamin D found naturally in food sources.  So the sun is our best bet to stimulate our bodies to produce it.  You need about 15 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen on most days to stimulate your body's production.  Did you know that most of us in the northern hemisphere are actually vitamin D deficient?  Kinda disturbing, but true...

Vitamin D is good for strong bones, it helps to boost your immune system, and even plays a key role in helping to keep the brain functioning properly in later life (can anyone say alzheimers?).  Did you know it's also crucial in helping your body regulate it's metabolism, and keep a healthy weight? 

The human body functions in a series of circadian rhythms, or how our bodies are affected by light.  So the more light there is, the more awake and alert we are.  We often associate this alert feeling with happiness, and being "full of life".  Further, exposure to sunlight tells our body to produce more seratonin, frequently called "the happy hormone". 

All of this led to my next question: Does sun make us happy simply because our bodies are functioning better (thereby allowing us to feel better) or is there more to it than that?   I definitely am a believer that the better your body functions, the better you feel, and thus, the happier/better your outlook on life.  I also think that there has to be more to it than biology.  What do you think?  Is it strictly a biological reaction, or do you believe, like me, there's something else there we don't know about?  An emotional or other connection?  Let me know your thoughts!

Until next week...

Natural Blessings!


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