Welcome to RedSunflower Designs

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

I made the decision to create a blog for my business a couple of weeks ago.  As a web-based business, I don't get to physically interact with my customers very often.  So, out of that came adding a page on Facebook, an account on Twitter, and YouTube videos.  But some things are just better conveyed in text.  Thus, a blog was born :)!  

I will be updating this blog once a week (on Sundays) to start.  Also, I'll be using this blog to share ideas, trends in the industry, and discuss the benefits of going natural & the importance of holistic living.  I hope everyone will join me in my journey, and post comments and suggestions along the way, as well as give me feedback on my products and customer service.  I aim to provide what my customers want, while maintaining the ideals I've built my business on.  I look forward to talking to everyone.  

Have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate, and a wonderful Sunday if you don't.  Until next week, Spring Blessings to all!!!


  1. This is a wonderful idea, Candace. I look forward to reading your blog.

    Bright blessings!